Meet the AI-generated bipartisan president of the US

 A Dutch artist has launched an AI project that explores how a divided USA could be reunited. He calls it “the Bipartisan President.”

Jeroen van der Most (aka Most) used the GPT-3 language model to generate a series of politically-neutral slogans. He then fused them with a nightmarish morph of Donald Trump‘s and Joe Biden’s faces uttering peak-centrist platitudes.


Producing the slogans was a pretty laborious process. Most began it by feeding GPT-3 the following three prompts:

    “Tagline ideas for a conservative political campaign:”
    “Tagline ideas for a liberal political campaign:”
    “Tagline ideas for a bipartisan political campaign:”

But the model struggled to understand the categories. For instance, when asked for a liberal tagline, it might respond with “Lower taxes, bigger military.”

That didn’t sound right to Most, so he selected only the taglines that he personally considered conservative, liberal, or bipartisan.

Most then validated his choices by running them through an existing algorithm that guesses whether a text extract was written by a conservative or a liberal. The slogans that were classified as a mix of the two ideologies were deemed bipartisan.

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