A Samsung tablet from 2015 gets the latest Android security patch

  New Android security patches are released once per month, although OEMs are sometimes slow to update some devices based on this schedule, especially as they get older. Therefore, it may have been of sincere interest to those still running the Galaxy Tab S2 that their device has recently joined the cohort of those updated to the October 2020 level - particularly as the tablet is now 5 years old.

Then again, this new update may only apply to those units that have been sold by the carrier Verizon. This company has released a statement revealing that its Tab S2s (released in the same year as the Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone series) do indeed have a firmware update containing the nearly-latest security patch.

This OTA update is known as System Update 10, or the NRD90M.T818VVRS4BTJK firmware. However, it only extends to the new patch level, and unfortunately does not confer a full OS update of any kind on the Wi-Fi only tablet. Therefore, the Galaxy Tab S2s may be a little more resistant to hacks, yet remain on Android Nougat (7.0) for now, and indeed for the foreseeable future.

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